Book Swap – Life is For Everyone by Joanna White

This morning, I’m featuring a book swap through Book Funnel with Joanna White. Her book is titled “Life is for Everyone.” All proceeds will go to Save the Storks: “Reaching the Hearts of Women & Saving the Lives of Babies.” Now available for $0.99 through Amazon, Kobo, Kindle, Thalia, Indigo, Angus & Robertson & Vivlio! This offer is only for today! Buy now!

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What defines a human? Is it our eye color or hair? Is it our personalities, our hobbies, what we like or dislike? Is it our voices or senses? Or is it more technical—our brains and nerves? Is it our hearts that beat and keep us alive?

People who are for abortion oftentimes focus on the mother. It’s her body, so it’s her choice. She has rights too, and so on. What they forget is that there is another human life inside her now, so it isn’t just her body anymore.

“No, that is just a fetus,” one would argue. Abortion doctors and anyone who is pro-abortion will say the same thing. It’s just a fetus. If you look at any abortion clinic

website or even blog posts asking about how the abortion will go, they use terms like “terminate pregnancy” and “remove pregnancy tissue.” It’s a “fetus.”

What do these terms do?

They dehumanize.

Content warning: This book contains specific depictions of abortion

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