Learning The Beauty of Humility With Horses: A New Perspective for Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury (Large Print)


Downloadable PDF.  Length: 80 pages.

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ISBN: 9798201122119

Facing a traumatic brain injury will change your life – but working with horses offers a beneficial perspective.  It allows you to practice humility.  Striving for humility and selflessness will change your perspective.  A humble woman does not talk about herself often or broadcast her life to others.  Horses openly reflect a rider’s attitude through their behavior.  Our attitudes are affected by our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Having humility promotes a gentleness that can improve your relationship with horses.  Let Patina show you how both your relationships with both horses and humans can grow!

“Do you ever feel humiliated because of your traumatic brain injury? Do you consider it ironic to hear others say, “Humility is a virtue,” because it doesn’t feel good to experience?”

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