Book Review: Millionaire SUCCESS Habits by Dean Graziosi

I just finished Millionaire SUCCESS Habits by Dean Graziosi today. The author is definitely enthusiastic and some people may enjoy it, but I only gave it three stars because I personally didn’t find it very engaging. If you’re looking for encouragement though, you might enjoy it.

Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity by Dean Graziosi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dean Graziosi is extremely enthusiastic about his story, but his writing style just didn’t suit me overall. He’s an encouraging writer, but he always talks about how you can do things yourself.

As someone from a strong Christian background, I believe that is absolutely not true. We grow through the trials that God allows us to endure and He uses them to shape each person, whether that individual believes in Him or not. He has plans for every single one of us and nothing will happen that is outside of His plans – even during hard times.

Hard work and striving towards goals are important and he does mean to be encouraging to his readers, but overall, this just wasn’t a super engaging book. He includes his personal story at the beginning and that was interesting.

“The science and studies prove that if you smile more, you will live longer, and it will actually lower your blood pressure. You’ll make more and better friends, and it will actually improve your marriage.”

“I’ve been successful for a lot of reasons, but my ability to bounce back from setbacks fast is near the top of the list.”

I might recommend this book to someone who is seeking general encouragement, but definitely not for someone looking for financial advice. Dean doesn’t provide that. I would steer someone looking for financial advice towards authors like Dave Ramsey.

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