Book Review: “The Electric Fencing Handbook”

If you’ve ever thought of moving to the country and raising livestock, this is a book you may wish to read. Electric fencing is very effective and simple to repair. This book provides excellent insight on choosing your fencing, installation, and repair. I chose to read this book because it was recommended by a blogger I follow on occasion, The Shepherdess at Harmony Farms. She used this book for fencing her own farm, where she raises sheep, beef cattle and chickens.

The Electric Fencing Handbook: How to Choose and Install the Best Fence to Protect Your Crops and Livestock by Ann Larkin Hansen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five stars! This is a very informative book for any new farmers or anyone interested in potentially farming someday. It might also be helpful for a current farmer interested in installing electric fencing. It gives good judgment about how much fencing you would need and what type of fencing, depending on what type of livestock you are raising. There are also a couple of planning forms and some forms for cost estimates. Sample costs are not provided, as they vary based on where your farm is located and when you are planning on buying your fencing.

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