The Goldlist Method is a very useful way to learn a foreign language. Polyglot Lydia Máchova (who speaks 7 languages) uses it herself in addition to reading books, watching a TV series or listening to a podcast. I’ve tried it myself before, and it was helpful. I still use it with the Bible and some of my favorite fiction books, but she used the Harry Potter series.

Her PDF outlines the details of how to use the Goldlist Method, but in short, you create a list of words and phrases that are helpful/interesting for you (one side in the language you’re learning and 1 in your first language). You review and try to remember/memorize the vocabulary, set the list aside for a few weeks, and then return to the list and see how many words you remember. More details are available in her PDF, which is at the link below.

I would recommend using the Goldlist method by hand rather than by computer though. The action of physically writing something down helps you remember it. Typing does not have the same mental effect, according to Psychology Today. It also can be therapeutic, calming and is possible when you do not have access to a computer – or, it can help if your computer has crashes or there is a major power outage.

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