No, this is not about the movie, but it does fit the Merriam Webster definition of “something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.” One organization that serves women facing planned or unplanned pregnancy is Matrix Lifecare Services.

This past Thursday, I spoke with Mr. Traves Freeland, Director of Mission Advancement and Partnerships at Matrix Lifecare Services over Zoom. This was my first time uploading a video – I made the error of choosing to pause, rather than stop the recording in order to try to separate it. So, the recording is below and the then the questions are listed underneath with the time in the video clip where you can hear the answer if you don’t want to watch the full 13-minute interview.

Traves Freeland answering questions about Matrix’s programs…

0:00 – How did Matrix Lifecare get its start?

2:43 – What services do you offer?

7:26 – Is any assistance available for fathers, or only for new moms?

9:47 – You offer assistance after pregnancy, what about for women who have had an abortion?

12:38 – Do you have programs for men who wanted to be a father, but the mother chose abortion?

I realized my mistake with pausing rather than stopping, so the final two questions are in a separate recording – short and sweet.

Here are a few more details…

Are there any other details you would like to share? What are some ways that people can be praying for Matrix Lifecare Services?

Traves also said, “I can tell you that no two Pregnancy Resource Centers [PRCs] are alike.  So it will be important for your audience to ask what services their PRC provides.

Susan B. Anthony list (Pregnant? Need Help? – Susan B. Anthony List ( has the ability to type in a zip code to find a PRC near them.

Live Action is another resource Pro-Life Resources | Live Action

Save the Storks  is another resource Pro Life – Save the Storks – Join the Revolution

This is not all inclusive, but if they start here, they can begin their research.”

Mail, Call Or Text Matrix Lifecare Center

Website –

Office Phone – (765) 742-1533

Crisis Line – (800) 712-4357

Crisis Line (Text) – Text “HELPLINE” to 313131

Address: Matrix LifeCare Center

938 Mezzanine Dr. Suite B

Lafayette, IN 47905

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