Short but Sweet

Saturday, I was reading Psalm 117. So short (with only 2 verses), that I read Psalm 118 also, and then started on Psalm 119 this morning. Psalm 119 is super long – so I’m going to have to split it up into multiple days.

Psalm 117 is all about praise and the awesomeness of the Lord. In fact, the heading is “Universal Call to Praise.” We are called to glorify Him – this passage is an excellent reminder.

Praise the Lord, all nations!
Glorify Him, all peoples!

For His faithful love to us is great;
the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever.

Psalm 117 super short – perfect for memorization. It’s only five verses. I plan to work to memorize it in English and Spanish if I can. Or, maybe Chinese – another language I’m trying to pick up.

My strategy for improving my ability to speak in a foreign language is to read a book or article out loud (even if I don’t understand everything I’m saying). My rationale here is that this exercise is about improving my pronunciation – not about understanding every word of what I’m reading. Pronunciation is what counts, not comprehension.

This works for movies too. I felt like it helped me with Chinese. I watched an entire miniseries with no subtitles, except for the first couple of episodes so that I could know the characters’ names and where the story was taking place.

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