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I found this rather intriguing article on Fox News – it discusses brain fog and other neurological issues faced by some individuals with COVID. It’s titled, “COVID-19 side effects could include memory loss, brain fog, researchers find.” Though this article is speaking about memory issues with older adults, those of us who face traumatic brain injury may also face some of these effects.

I can’t be certain of what life is like for you with a brain injury, but I don’t really notice much change since recovering from COVID. I was already dealing with forgetting because of my brain injury. A brain fog because of COVID seems to be strikingly similar… Truly, they are completely different conditions. It just intrigues me that the symptoms are so similar. I already had challenges with memory, so this is really just more of what life was already like.

The article states that, “…hospitalized patients were more likely to have impairments in attention, executive functioning, category fluency, memory encoding and memory recall than those in the outpatient group. Those treated in the emergency department were also more likely to have impaired category fluency and memory encoding than those treated in the outpatient setting.” (Musto, Julia. “COVID-19 side effects could include memory loss, brain fog, researchers find.”Fox News. 10/26/2021.)

If you have a TBI, you may already be accustomed to some symptoms that individuals who haven’t already had a brain injury may now be facing for the first time…

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