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Well, I had a medical appointment today. An after effect of my surgery has come back – it’s an easily treatable medical issue though. It’s not COVID, I already beat that (with the Lord’s help!) last fall. Dealing with this now also allows me to have treatment now rather than later. The Heavenly Father has perfect timing – even with medical issues.

Matthew 28:20b says, “… I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Our Creator has timed everything in a sublime way. I’m reminded that I need to hold my hope in Him. Job 4:6 is another reminder of this. Job suffered far worse tragedies than I ever will. “Is your fear of God not your confidence,/And the integrity of your ways your hope?

This is such a relief for me. This is shorter than usual, but I’ve been busy with work! Also with translating. ¿Qué Puedo Hacer Ahora que Tengo un Derrame Cerebral? (Spanish translation of What Can I Do Now That I Have a Traumatic Brain Injury?) will hopefully be available later this year. Have a magnificent Monday!

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  1. I’d like to leave an update – the Portuguese translation, “O Que Posso Fazer Agora Que Eu Tenho Uma Lesão Cerebral” should be available right now, but the Spanish translation “¿Qué Puedo Hacer Ahora que Tengo un Derrame Cerebral?” will not be available until January 2022. The Chinese translation should be available in February.

    Our newest PDF download, “Pursing Peacefulness in Christ,” should be available later this month.

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