Psalm 77

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I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile – I’ve had it marked for just the right time. On August 2, we talked about Psalm 75, which praises the Lord and calls out to Him for His perfect justice. Psalm 77 pleads for the Lord’s presence.

In the HSCB version, the subtitle states: Confidence in a time of Crisis. Verses 1-2 begin with:

I cry aloud to God,
aloud to God, and He will hear me.
I sought the Lord in my day of trouble.
My hands were continually lifted up
all night long;
I refused to be comforted.

It can be helpful to remember that whenever you feel like you’re in trouble, or facing and insurmountable hardship, you can always call on Christ and He will be there. This passage continues to question the Lord’s presence, but then remembers His holiness and perfect power. Verses 13-15 remind us:

God, Your way is holy.
What god is great like God?

You are the God who works wonders;
You revealed Your strength among the peoples.
With power You redeemed Your people,
the descendants of Jacob and Joseph. Selah

“Selah” is a word that no one is sure what it means, but it is often located either at the end of the psalm, or the end of a paragraph in a psalm. Almost like a musical term. A calming part of this psalm is the second to last verse (verse 19), which assures the Lord’s presence and guidance.

Your way went through the sea
and Your path through the great waters,
but Your footprints were unseen.

It may not always feel like it, but the Lord is present in our lives and is guiding us through these terrifying times. He doesn’t always have us circumnavigate them (go around, avoid) but often leads us straight through them. It’s like walking through the darkness of the valley of the shadow of death in Psalm 23. The Lord is always with us, and we can always call on Him. He will listen whenever you talk with him, whether you cry out in anger at something you don’t understand, or whisper in whirling winds.

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