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So, today was a bit busy for me.  First, I went to work in the morning like usual, but when I returned home, my new dryer arrived just as we pulled in the driveway.  We waited for him to remove the old one (which will be donated to Habitat for Humanity – because it still works, we just got a new one to go with our new washing machine).  Then, a couple of hours later, the pesticide specialist arrived.  I’ve had issues with carpenter ants and carpenter bees – they really like my home for some reason.  They leave my plants alone, but eat the wood frame of my home.  He took some time spraying and we had a nice chat.  It was certainly an abruptly different day.  I did make progress weeding the yard.  I’m not done and I won’t be until dandelion season is over – but I still feel good because I have fewer weeds than the surrounding yards.  It’s nice to see the payout of hard work.  I have more reading and writing to do tonight; and I’m still working on some yarn crafts and sewing.  I want to use up my scraps (of both yarn and fabric).  I’m also potting my seeds as they grow roots.  These are all perfect projects for COVID…

I started reading Esther this week – I read chapter 2 today (when Esther is chosen as queen) and I’m reading chapter 3 tomorrow. (when Haman’s plot agains the Jews is unveiled).  It’s my favorite book in the Bible – Esther showed such bravery and it is inspiring to me.  I love how she is portrayed.  She went through such difficulty losing her parents at a young age and having her uncle raise her to become a woman who could stand strong in the depths of terror – as doom was proclaimed for her and her people.  It would have come to pass if she hadn’t had the bravery to enter into the presence of the king uninvited – putting her own life on the line to save the lives of those who were not in a position to speak for themselves.  I’m not there yet, but I love how the story builds and unfolds.  It’s gripping and so enjoyable and encouraging to read.

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