Happy Easter!

Spring Flowers

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

We actually had a lovely day – warmer and not too cold. Personally, I’m not a fan of the cold. I know it is a necessity for things like apple production (they actually need some time in cold weather in order to produce fruit) – but I really just like warmth. I added some compost to my garden plot yesterday and may add some more later this week. My snap peas are coming up, but I suspect nearby moles may have eaten the lettuce seeds I planted.

So – I have been starting seeds at home in paper towels so that I can assure they have good roots, plus it allows me to select the very best and scrap the rest. I started some herbs in early March and I just started some vegetables yesterday (tomatoes, onions, etc.). Onions are best planted directly into the soil, but as I mentioned, we’ve had mole problems. If I start the seeds at home in a wet paper towel, I can plant the paper towel directly in the garden once the onion has rooted. I have peppermint coming back from last year – they are all super tiny right now. Peppermint and lemon balm are both wonderful in salads.

I started some flowers too; I hope to attract some hummingbirds to my front yard again. Either flowers or vegetables are moveable when planted in pots or bins – as long as your neighborhood or apartment complex does not have restrictions. My neighborhood does have restrictions, for example, but I am still able to plant on a small scale and remain within them.

Since all of these are in containers that can be moved – you can take your plants with you wherever you go!

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