Unique circumstances…

We are in a unique situation in 2021. I love a text my grandmother showed me the other day. To paraphrase: “It’s interesting that the past year was 2020 – because no one saw it coming.” I don’t know what you may think, but I found this to be hilarious. 2021 will be different, but similar in a way – we still don’t know what to expect. We don’t know if there will be further economic shutdown, what exactly will happen with our schools, etc. We can guess, but we don’t really know. The people with the most stable option may be people who homeschool. Since school is already at home, there would be no need to worry if the education system closes. When public schools shut down, homeschoolers are already doing school at home.

I love reading; I read multiple books at a time. I’m about finished with the texts I am currently using to conduct research for my book. If you know of any books that you think would help me, please email contactbooksbymalinalli@gmail.com to let me know. I’m particularly interested in talking with any veteran who has incurred a traumatic brain injury or a medical specialist with experience working in neurology or neuroscience in general.

Jesus specializes in unique circumstances. He is a King who was born in a barn; and grew up in the family of a carpenter. That is a profession that requires precision. Precision is certainly required now; as many people in our country are making delicate decisions about their health and jobs.

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