I’ve been thinking as I’ve started a business this year. I thought about starting a nonprofit; but that would require a board, legal oversight, and a lot of money to get things started. Dave Ramsey recommends starting a regular business and treating it as a nonprofit. His example was Bomba socks; which you’ve probably heard of. Their tagline is super memorable. Even though they’ve had a commercial running for less than a year; the line “The greatest sock never sold” is super memorable. I’d like to do some of this with my own business and perhaps start a farm later to expand on it and do what I had planned to do with a nonprofit. I won’t need to wait until I get others on board to make something happen; I can just continue with what I have already been doing. I’ve started by sharing my plans for Christmas if anyone else is interested in joining me. My hope is that this blog and my book will aid me in garnering a larger audience. I also wanted to make that something that anyone can do from wherever they are and on whatever scale they are capable of.

I started by speaking with the closest Veteran’s Home and my investment advisor, actually, about what the biggest needs are locally. She had actually visited one in another state and told me about their needs (underwear and other clothing, in that case; as well as gift cards). Sometimes advice comes from the most unexpected places.

There are six nonprofits that I support. They are Matrix Lifecare Pregnancy Center, The Heritage Foundation, The American Center for Law and Justice, Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, Faith Biblical Seminary and Vision of Hope. If you are looking for a nonprofit to make a donation to before the end of the year, please consider these. I have included links so you may look at their sites and make a decision.

If you have any advice for me about needs you’ve noticed or something that would be helpful to have, please contact me at Examples of what I’m asking for would be items you wish you had that aren’t usually available, items you wish you had more of (this may be true of toiletries), etc.

Without insight; I just have to guess. Your help would be appreciated. Please feel free to follow my blog!

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