Plans for Christmas

December 2020

One I like to do (on a quarterly basis, not just at Christmas) is to create cards for a military group (like Operation Gratitude or the American Legion), write letters to send to my friend who is serving, or donate items to the local Veteran’s Home. I talked with my investment advisor about my desire to form a nonprofit for veterans facing traumatic brain injury some day. She told me she visited the Veteran’s Home in Texas and that one of their biggest needs is underwear. They can use clothing and toiletries too; but blankets and especially underwear are hot ticket items. A couple times I’ve made donations; I was told that the new items I brought (clothing, toiletries, hand-sewn blankets or store-bought ones) would be gone within 24 hours.

I like to try to make donations or send letters as close to December 1st as possible. Please feel free to join me! I will be making donations to the Indiana Veteran’s Home. If you would like to join me, please purchase items online and have them sent to either the Veteran’s Home nearest you (visiting may not be smart or possible right now with the coronavirus). The American Legion nearest you may be collecting cards to send to active duty soldiers (like the one nearest me is doing); if you don’t have a friend or relative who is serving right now.

I receive discounts from my local pharmacy and some other stores; these often contain nice deals for items like shampoo, body wash, clothing (shirts/pants) and some of the other highly desirable items (i.e. underwear, socks, etc.). Socks could come from your local Walmart or Bomba Socks. For shampoo/body soap, I always purchase the largest container possible; this way whatever veteran receives it will not need more for a long time. I’ve already made donations this year; but there is still time before the end of the year if you were thinking of donating items or making contributions at the veterans’ facility nearest you. If you don’t feel comfortable moving around much right now (or you’re in quarantine like me); cards are appreciated or you can pay for it and have the item delivered to a different address than yours.

If you are a veteran and are willing to let us know what would be most helpful, please email Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

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