Three Things You Can Still Do After a Brain Injury…

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There are a few things survivors of a traumatic brain injury may still be able to take part in despite the brain injury. We each face different challenges though; not all of these may be possible for every individual.

1.) Reading. If you enjoy reading, being a bookworm is a great past-time and can be very relaxing. If you have some favorite authors or a favorite genre, sitting down and enjoying a book can be wonderful.

2) Gardening. This is something I have definitely spent a lot of time doing. It can be quite relaxing spending time outside. There is a lot of pleasure in growing your own food. Personally, my two favorite sites to order supplies and seeds are and If you have a drill at home, raising worms is another option to improve your soil. Last year, I used my own compost to pot my seedlings and this year I will attempt that again. Raised beds can be an option if you don’t want to bend over and if your neighborhood permits it.

3) Cooking. This can also be very relaxing and enjoyable. Plus, you can have quality meals! If you have your own garden, you can grow some vegetables and herbs yourself.

4) Horseback riding. If you have a horse, you already know that riding may still be an option; depending on your circumstances. There are also farms throughout the country with programs for people with disabilities. I returned to riding my own horse and I thoroughly enjoy it.

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